Aller in Brief


Aller Holding A/S, still owned by the Aller family, is 140-year-old publishing house operating in the Nordic Countries. The total circulation of our magazines is over 5 million in Nordic Countries, reaching more than16 million loyal readers every week.

Aller Media Oy has operated in Finland since 1992. We are the leading publisher of entertainment and TV magazines in the region. Our weekly magazines Seiska and Katso reach together nearly one million readers every week.

Our special magazines Koti ja keittiö, Fit, ELLE and TOPModel serve their target audiences with fresh and interesting topics every month. Our latest brand, a monthly magazine Oma Aika offers high-quality journalism to readers over 50 years of age.

Aller Media lays strong emphasis on digital media. Aller has several brand-related web sites, of which SeiskaLive ( is one of the leading magazine web sites in Finland. Aller is the owner of Finland's largest web community, Suomi24, which has some 1,3 million weekly visitors.

Aller Media Oy

  • 7 magazines
  • 9 web sites
  • Total circulation of the magazines (Audit 2011): 375 917
  • Turnover 2011: 46,3 m€
  • Personnel: some 260 employees




Aller Media Oy has been operating in Finland since 1992. It was established by its first Managing Director, Flemming Wenzel-Wegler from Denmark. Aller Media started by launching 7 päivää, a magazine corresponding to the Danish Se og Hør, in February 1992. The magazine was started under the leadership of Aller Media's current Executive Editor and Publishing Director Eeva-Helena Jokitaipale, who joined the crew in May 1994. Recently 7 päivää started using its nickname Seiska officially. Seiska is still the most widely read weekly magazine in the Nordic countries.

Today the company is steered by CEO Pauli Aalto-Setälä.

The home decoration and food magazine Koti ja keittiö was created in 1996. First, the magazine appeared four times a year, and in the beginning of 1998 it became a monthly publication. Today, Koti ja keittiö has a solid market position in the category of magazines within the area of homes, food, wine and travel.

In June 1997, Aller Media established its own picture agency, All Over Press.

The next milestone for Aller Julkaisut was the creation of the youth magazine MIX in 1998. Ten years later, the magazine's name was changed to Miss Mix to better describe its character. As a result of employee co-operation negotiations in  August-September 2013 Miss Mix was terminated and its final issue was published in October 2013.

Aller Media got its first opportunity to buy a magazine, when Bank of America bought the publishing company Janton and started selling off its titles. In April 2004, Aller Media bought the magazine Fitness, which was then re-launched in autumn 2009 as a specialised well-being and fitness magazine with a more descriptive name, FIT.

In December 2005, Aller bought a traditional TV magazine Katso from A-lehdet, because it had become a competitor to 7 päivää, and brought the magazine back to its original concept of a TV-magazine.

In early 2008, the owner of Elle's publishing rights, the French Hachette Filipacchi, chose Aller as its Finnish partner, and Aller Media started publishing the Finnish Elle in April 2008. One year later, Aller Media arranged the first Finnish Elle Style Awards Gala, an annual event recognising talented designers and other representatives of the fashion industry.

Marking one of the biggest portal business transactions in the Nordic countries, Aller joined forces with the search and directory company Eniro in summer 2008, and one-half of Eniro's ownership of Suomi24 was transferred to Aller. In June 2010, Aller purchased the remaining shares of Suomi24 from Eniro becoming the sole owner of this flagship of the Finnish social media.

In March 2013 Aller made yet another big launch, Oma Aika –magazine. This monthly magazine is designed to serve and entertain active adults, aged 50+.

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