The magazines Koti ja keittiö, Oma Aika and Elle will be taken over by Fokus Media, specialized in print magazines, at the beginning of next year. 

In total, 25 Aller employees whose work has mainly focused on the monthly magazines will continue working on them at Fokus Media.

In its consumer business, Aller will now focus on digital content and digital services, as well as weekly magazines. The two highly successful weekly magazines, Seiska and Katso, continue to have a strong foothold in the company’s magazine portfolio. Digital content and services include Idealista, Baana, Finland’s largest online community Suomi24, and dating service Yksille.

Over the past five years, Aller has put a strong emphasis on digitalizing its operations while also growing its revenue and profit. The company seeks international growth in digital marketing services and data business. Aller’s marketing services include four units: the journalistic content marketing unit Aller Ideas, marketing communications agency Dingle Ltd, Data Refinery Ltd that specializes in the commercialization of data, and the strategic marketing service company CEO Helsinki Ltd.

Aller was the first Finnish media company to commercialize its customer data and turn it into new business. The data business was established in a corporate form earlier this fall, and the newly founded subsidiary, Data Refinery Ltd, is now helping companies in Finland and in the Nordic countries to commercialize their data and make the most of it in different marketing channels.

In October, Aller reinforced its marketing service range by acquiring the strategy agency CEO Helsinki. With CEO Helsinki, Aller’s marketing services now cover the entire value chain in marketing: defining the marketing strategy, data and analyses, creative design, content marketing and modern media agency services. With the reinforced marketing service range, Aller wants to take its corporate customers to the next level with the help of intelligent marketing.

“This was a good step for both Aller and for the buyer and in line with both companies’ strategies. I am happy that Fokus Media is welcoming our three brands with the employees who have focused on them, as they can now carry on their excellent work in a company whose core business is print media,’ says Pauli Aalto-Setälä, CEO of Aller Media Finland.



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