Data Refinery, a subsidiary established by Aller Media Finland last year, expands its data service to Sweden and Denmark by introducing Nordic target groups for advertising.

Serving as a one-stop-shop of Nordic data, Data Refinery now provides advertisers with detailed Nordic target groups. International advertisers benefit from this because they can target consumers in Finland, Sweden and Denmark at once for international campaigns instead of shopping at different data providers in these countries separately.

Data Refinery’s own data consists of online data and customer register data collected from Aller Finland’s different media. The Swedish data is from Aller Sweden’s network that includes more than 30 brand sites. Danish data has been collected from Aller Denmark’s 20 brand sites. The total number of browsers is about 30 million, which creates deep customer insight and target groups that describe consumers’ purchase intentions. For instance, Aller Sweden has a market share of 64%, and it has an especially good reach among female consumers.

A total of over 80 target groups based on consumer interests have been built under the newly launched Nordic data. These target groups consist of wider main categories and more detailed sub-categories. Such target groups can be, for instance, those interested in homes or Scandinavian design.

“This Nordic expansion means that international brands can now target their advertising to Finnish, Swedish, and Danish target groups at once. There has already been extensive interest, as many large brands see the Nordic countries as one market area. That means centralized data targeting will come in handy. We can now say that Data Refinery understands the everyday life of Nordic consumers,” says Laura Avonius who is in charge of Data Refinery’s innovations and internationalization.

Sami Lahtinen, the CEO of Data Refinery, says that expanding to other Aller countries is a natural step for Data Refinery. “Internationalization is at the core of Data Refinery’s strategy, and Nordic data expansion is a great kick-off for us. As part of the Nordic Aller family, it was a natural step for us to start data cooperation with two other Aller countries and also take our data expertise to them”, says Sami Lahtinen.

Data Refinery Ltd. is part of Aller Media Finland Group and it operates with the data collected from Aller Finland’s different media. Aller is the first media-independent Finnish media outlet that has commercialized its own data on a Nordic scale. Last year, Aller Finland’s data was combined with data from the leading Finnish commercial television channel MTV and it is being sold to advertisers which turned out to be a very successful move. Now, a significant demand is expected for the Nordic data, as well. The Nordic target groups are on sale through Data Refinery in the programmatic buying channels Adform and Google Bid Manager. The company collects and administrates the data all the way from the beginning to the end by itself. This way, as a data operator it always knows where its data comes from.

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