Aller Media Finland is developing a new kind of a tool for data visualization and diverse use of data as part of its Refinery service. Now, this Finnish world-class tool has received a funding of EUR 300,000 from Google’s Digital News Initiative. The goal of the tool is to make the use of data easier and more accessible on a global scale.

Aller Finland’s data service Refinery is a combination of data from Aller’s online networks, subscriber database and consumer target groups based on data from Aller’s partners. These target groups reflect Finns’ interests and purchase intentions. As part of its data service, Aller Finland is currently developing a new website with the recent additional funding from Google.

The site will consist of tools for visualizing and analyzing data. The data exploration tool will help you monitor the target groups created from the data together with the groups’ interests and purchase intentions in real-time. This information can be used for targeted marketing, among other things. The goal is to use visualization to make data more transparent and accessible.

“We want to use the data tool to break barriers so that people other than just data experts can also use data and benefit from it more easily. Data may not be the most accessible of topics but we want to ensure that as many people as possible can make use of data with the help of better tools,” says Arseni Fefelov, Senior Digital Business Developer at Aller Finland, involved in the development of the service.

The data tool will be launched next month. With the Google funding, Aller Finland will be able to continue to develop the tool.

“Receiving this funding from Google is an honor to our project team, the entire company, as well as to our customers who have participated in the project. This additional funding means that we can develop our service into a more diverse direction,” says Sami Lahtinen, Director of the Data & Digital Solutions business unit at Aller Finland.

The Refinery service plays a central role in Aller Finland’s strategy to produce data-driven contents and human understanding to make business operations more efficient.

“Search engines only reach 10% of the data in the world, which means that the remaining 90% enables not only a better understanding of human needs and behavior but also the solutions to humankind’s greatest problems. That’s why we have been investing in data for over three years now,” says Pauli Aalto-Setälä, CEO at Aller Finland.

Aller’s data business is also expanding to other Nordic countries. The company was the first media outlet in Finland to commercialize its customer and online data for external use. The customers of Aller Finland’s booming data business include for instance major Finnish organizations in car and holiday industries, such as Autotalo Laakkonen and Holiday Club Resorts.

Google’s Digital News Initiative gives out EUR 150 million in total to fund projects supporting the development of digital journalism and related technological innovations in Europe, with more than EUR 21 million being distributed in the current funding round. Aller Finland’s project is a medium-sized project and received the maximum amount of funding in that category. The projects receiving DNI funding were published in Amsterdam on July 6.

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